Friday, May 29, 2015

I'm an Exclusive Blogger with Creative Teaching Press and I've Got a Giveaway for YOU!!

I am honored to be one of an amazing group of bloggers who are ready to share with you some of 
Creative Teaching Press's latest and greatest products for decorating your classroom (and more)!

Creative Teaching Press is proud to be celebrating 50 years of teachers helping teachers. It was 50 years ago that a veteran school teacher named Luella Connelly got the idea to make her creative ideas for fun and effective teaching available to other teachers. And with the success of her “Recipes for Creative Writing,” CTP was born! Since then, generations of teachers have looked to our family-owned, teacher-managed company for the supplementary materials they need to help their students learn and make their classrooms a positive learning environment.

I have loved using products from Creative Teaching Press for years.
This set of Inspire U Posters happens to be one of my absolute favorite items.
I used them this past year as part of my PBIS lessons, and my students have eagerly watched for the messages that promote positive behaviors and relationships.

Most of the time I place the posters in a prominent area of my classroom near our weekly poem.
This poster was paired with our class picture early in the year.
I decided to share these posters all over our school building.  This one was perfect for greeting 
students and staff each day.
Teachers need some inspiration too!  This one can be found in our supply/work room area 
in plain view over the copier.
The message on this poster was perfect for right outside the gym.
Of course a quote from Albert Einstein needed to be placed near the science supplies.
Common areas are a good spot for helpful hints to students.
Some of the posters in the pictures are from this set of Inspire U Chalk Posters.

And now, how about sprucing up your current classroom decor with some bright new eye-catching colors??
My current color scheme includes a mix of black, gray, and lime green accents.
This picture shows the side of one of my bulletin boards where I used the BW Chevron border from Creative Teaching Press.

I hope to update the look of my classroom by layering new borders from the Painted Palette Collection with  the BW Collection from CTP.

Yes - I am a chevron addict.  It looks fantastic with the.....

Painted Palette Ombre Lime green Scallops Border!

And how cute is this border called BW Collection Posies paired with the...

Painted Palette Ombre Yellow Scallops Border ??

I also love this BW Doodles and Dots border layered with the very pretty...

Painted Palette Poppy Red Herringbone Border

You can win $50 worth of products from Creative Teaching Press by entering my giveaway below.  
Entries will be accepted until June 7, and winners will get their pick of $50 worth of amazing products from CTP.  What a great way to get your classroom decor gears turning for the coming school year.

And guess what???
You can earn even more chances to win Creative Teaching Press cash by visiting the sites of other exclusive bloggers!
Visit my friend Jessica's blog at Tales of a First Grade Teacher to see more inviting products from Creative Teaching Press.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Currently May! to finish strong this year!

Thanks to Farley I'm back to blogging!
Where did the time go?
I have been swamped with some exciting (and not-so-exciting) thing the past few months.
I hope to be back at this blog more frequently.
Look for a blog make-over to be coming soon!

Now on to this month's Currently--

I love Sirius XM!
I have it in my car, and on a small player for when I'm at home.
Couldn't live without it!

We have 70 degree weather today people!
It was great to be out and about in short sleeves.

Our PLC meetings have been a bit stressful this year. 
We've been trying to mesh tried and true traditions with new experiences.  It takes a lot of planning.

My sweet little dog has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, and is having an EKG done this week.
I'm hoping it all turns out to be a minor issue.
He is a chipper 12-year-old cock-a-poo, and my best buddy.

Ugh - our district writing assessments were due Friday. 
They are hanging over my head this weekend.
As you can see I'm blogging, rather than working on them.

The summer looks to be a fun one.
I have a new teaching position that involves some traveling each month.
I'm so excited about it, and will share more soon.
I also have getaway shopping trips in the works with some girlfriends.
And I hope to have more time to decorate my house - possibly with some new furniture.

Are you looking a way to help your students to finish the year in a strong way?
One of the things we did to encourage our students to make the most of the last few days and weeks of school was to do a lesson on "Finishing Strong".
We watched this truly inspiring video:
The kids absolutely loved it!
The music and quotes just make you want to step it up!

I created some follow up activities so the students could write down their plans for finishing strong 
this school year.
We talked about perseverance, and how setting goals is the key to achieving more.
Check out the packet of activities by clicking on HERE.