Saturday, March 12, 2016

Five for Friday - Fables for Third Grade and More

Hi Friends!
What do fables, Lakeshore Learning, subtraction, hand-washing, and Donors Choose all have in common?
Well, they're all a part of my Five for Friday week!
Hurray!  My Donors Choose project was fully funded on Tuesday morning, by the parents of students in my class!  And, this was before the big announcement from Donors Choose about the #bestschoolday.
So I posted another project on Wednesday night to obtain iPads for our room.
I was lucky enough to have that project posted on the Caring Classrooms site.
It has actually been the #bestschoolweek ever !

We completed our traditional literature unit this week.
Fortunately we have quite a few books in this genre for our students to read.
I created a reflection book for the unit that can be found in my TpT store for only $2.50.

Here are some sample pages from the reflection booklet:

There are more "I Can..." posters and reflection sheets that directly relate to the Common Core standards in reading.  You can find this product here.
Our school nurse did a lesson on hand-washing this week.
She used a black light to show them how dirty their hands really were.
Yuck - I think she made her point about using soap!

We used these clips from Lakeshore Learning while reading some Tall Tale books.
The kids loved using these while they read in small groups.
After they finished the book at our Book Club table, we went back and discussed where they had put the clips and why.
Since we were using these for the first time, I only took out the "New Word" and "Question" clips.

Do you use the box method for subtraction?
My students are really loving it.
To subtract from 100 or 1000, box all the digits to the left of the ones place, and think of how many 10s there are.  For example 100 is 10 tens, and 1000 is 100 tens.
Then cross that out to ungroup the tens, and you can subtract much more easily.
See the sample problems in the picture.

Hope you had a great week!
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