Monday, April 2, 2018

Poetry in the Third Grade Classroom - 4 Quick Tips

Happy Poetry Month!
While we do poetry all year long, April is a great time to really highlight this genre.
Here are a few tips for incorporating more poetry into your daily routine.

Check out this introductory lesson on Learn Zillion.
This quick video introduces learners to "What Makes a Poem a Poem".
It touches on the vocabulary of line, stanza, rhyme, and title.

Try any of the interactive poem tutorials on the ReadWriteThink website.
This site provides a wide variety of poetry formats to easily access.
Here is what the acrostic poem page looks like:
There are easy to use interactive templates for acrostic, diamante, haiku, shape poems, and much more!
I would suggest sending the link to your students through Google Classroom, and then have them try out the tutorials. 
Or, create a QR code of the website's URL, and post in your room if you have iPads.

Scour your school's library for books by Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, and Bruce Lansky.
There are many books by these famous poets, and they are hilarious - kids love them!
You might want to check out Shel Silverstein's website, or Jack Prelutsky's website, too.

This is one my favorite poetry books  - it will have your kids ROFL!

Check out the resources in my School Poetry Kit.
You will find original poems, with reflection questions for each poem.
This kit includes simple examples of a cinquain, limerick, haiku, acrostic, and couplet poems.

Below you can see an example of the haiku poem and follow-up pages.

 Students visualize and draw the poem.
Discussion questions are included for each poem.
Also included are templates for students to write their own poems, as well as a banner!
This kit is on sale for the month of April!  Click here to take a look!