Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Motivation Monday - Classroom Schedule for Third Grade

This week I'm joining Jen at Teacher by the Beach to share my daily schedule.

This is my schedule from last school year as it was listed on my classroom website.
The website was very easy to create on Google Sites.  You can check it our here.
Here is a zoomed in view of just the schedule!
The specials are highlighted.  We do not have any recess duties.
I had to teach my own computer lab classes, but the rest were led by specialists.
On Thursdays during specials my teaching partners and I had PLC planning time.

I loved having science and social studies the first hour of the day. 
We switch students during that time to help out the grade 2/3 split teacher.  She does not teach any of the SS/Sci to her students but does math during the time those grade levels come to us for SS/Sci. 
So, because I took on her students, I had 30 during the first hour of the day.

Students switch back for math, and I had my homeroom of 24 for the rest of the day.
Here is a picture of my math wall from two years ago.
 We use Math Expressions, and start with multiplication.  I cover the facts until we get to them.
See that chart in the lower center? That is a daily warm-up activity we do to start our math lessons.

There is a new chart for each month, and it serves as a review, or front-load of math content. Here's a sample:
I laminate the charts, and then each day I write a number on the chart in the top space with a Vis-a-vis marker. Students complete the rest of the info about that number in their math notebooks as we discuss the  answers.You can find these charts on sale in my TpT store here!
Also, we use the Seesaw Learning app, so I can save the math charts to the app for students to write on, and save to their feed. 
This is a sample one student saved to her feed last year.
The entire afternoon is for ELA (English/Language Arts) instruction.
We ended the day with small group intervention time.
Students did review activities in small groups while I worked on guided reading/strategy groups.

More on my strategy groups in another post!
How does your schedule work? What do you like best? 
I would love to hear about other options!


  1. How fun is it to have your content at the beginning of each day! I love teaching those subjects the most and it should be something I consider once I head back to the classroom!


    1. Yes, Kelly, it was great to do the Social Studies and Science content at the beginning of the day, and then we tied our afternoon ELA lessons to that content when we could. I am really hoping to have the same schedule next year.