Sunday, February 11, 2018

Classroom Olympic Activities - 4 Quick Tips

Do you have Olympic fever??  My class does, and here are some of the things we've got lined up to capitalize on the interest in the epic sporting event.

Check out the Classroom Champions website for inspirational videos from competitors, as well as classroom lessons on goal setting, perseverance and more.

How fun will it be to connect with the athletes while they are in Pyeongchang?
 Learn more about the science behind some of the Olympic events through ScienceNetLinks.
I follow them on Twitter, and they always share lots of cool info!

 Use this forever freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store to practice similes.
Some of the similes are related to the Olympics in general, and some will describe specific athletes.
You may want to also check out this product in my store that supports research of individual athletes competing in the Winter Games.
My students have selected an athlete, completed a research page using the team website, and are now excited to watch "their athlete" and the medal count.

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