Monday, June 4, 2012

New iPad!!

I wrote a grant through a local organization for the new iPad and I found out today that I received the grant.  I am pumped!!  The funny thing was - the letter was addressed to a colleague who had also written a grant, and she came to me and said there was a mix-up.  She said she was supposed to get the iPad and I was supposed to get a document camera (that was what it said on her letter).  I was sure the iPad was for me, and told her I could show her my grant application.  I heard through the secretary later that there was a mix-up on her application, and the iPad was mine!  Hurray!  My principal went to Best Buy at lunch and bought a case.  I won't get the iPad until the end of the June, though, because our IT dept. has to do something with it. 

Get out there and write those grants people!!

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  1. Glad it worked in your favor!! Im your newest follower!

    From Blood to Books!