Friday, July 20, 2012

Fiction Friday - Bugs! (And Another App)

It's Fiction Friday, and I am again joining my friend Amanda at The Teaching Thief for the latest installment of fantastic fiction reads.
My choice this week is  a fun one to read while studying insects. In this book Beetle McGrady longs to be an "explorer", and her first stab at exploring involves eating a bug!  The illustrations are colorful and exaggerated, and the book includes references to the eating of insects in various cultures.  We raised mealworms as a part of our insect unit in Science, and cookies made from mealworms were a part of the insect feast at the end - my students loved hearing about it!
I have posted an Insect Unit to my TPT store.  I have often started the school year with a very popular study of insects.  In my unit you will find:
                               Insect Observation  Booklet (An example is shown below)
                               Insect Bingo Game
                               Insect Poetry Template
                               Insect Study Project with a Scoring Rubric
                               Life Cycle Label and Draw Sheets
                               Suggested Unit Activities
                               Suggested Insect Books and Apps
One of the Apps listed in my unit is called wiseHopper.  In this App, the user selects a wisehopping insect that leaps among answers to math and language problems - hoping to cross what appears to be brook.  The basic version of this game is free and includes a variety of options.  Here is the basic menu page, in the next page the user is able to select an insect for the game.  The wiseHopper App with make for wise, happy students!

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  1. Beetle McGrady sounds fabulous! I am definitely going to have to check that one out. Thanks for linking up this week and your bug unit looks fantastic!

    The Teaching Thief