Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Teacher's Wisdom Linky Party

Today I am linking up with Deb at Fabulously First for a Linky Party on sharing bits of wisdom for beginning teachers. I teach a course for future teachers at Concordia University, and I serve as a mentor to new teachers in my district, so I'll share a a few of the tips that have seemed to help the educators I've worked with.
First - model, model, and model again what you expect from your students. I think this is important at any grade level or in any subject area. Do you remember thinking, even in college, "What does this professor want????" Well, it's the same for our students. Once you model what is expected (by acting it out, or showing a visual) the kids will understand what you are looking for. But, be ready for this:
Even the best laid plans may turn out much differently than what you expected.  It's okay - just remember what happened and adjust for the next time you do that lesson.

Next - make sure your students get these messages through what you say and what you do:
This is important.
You can do it.
I won't give up on you!
This is so important, especially for the struggling learners.  For a child to feel that you have his/her back is so powerful. 

And if I could add one more thing - please don't adopt the I-don't-want-to-look-like-an-idiot-so-I'll-act-like-I-know-everything attitude.  It is a huge turn off to your new colleagues.  Veteran and beginning teachers have so much to offer and share - be open to what others have learned through experience.

Oh - and no texting or checking FB on your phone during meetings!!

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  1. Well put Jane! Cannot model enough for these lil guys. There's been times when we just quickly go over things because we thought they "got it" and quickly realize what a disaster it became! Thanks for the reminder!
    ~Christy & Tammy