Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher Week - Technology Tip Tuesday

I have learned so much about technology in the last two years!  Using an Interwrite Board and iPads in the classroom has really changed the way I teach, and the way the students learn.  Although I have much more to learn (and am learning a LOT from the others who have joined up on this party), I thought I could share what I know about Edmodo.  Out district has adopted Edmodo has the vehicle for blogging with our students.  I have had just a small amount of training with this site, but know my students will love it!

Sorry - it's really hard to see - I snapped a picture with my iPad and sent it to my laptop, and the pic became distorted on its journey through cyberspace.  With Edmodo, students can respond to posted questions, and I plan to post questions about literature that the students have read.  Also, teachers can post polls, quizzes, and assignments.  Students can access this site at home, and from what I understand parents can access it, too, but only to see what their child has posted.

I plan to visit this site during our last 10 minutes in the computer lab each week, and assign a "Blogger" job on our Helpers chart.  This would be in addition to the comments they can make at home.

Join in the group for Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin!

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