Saturday, March 16, 2013

Five For Friday

Yahoo!  I made it through Hell Week Conference Week!  I had conferences on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings this week, and full days of school each day.  We were all spent by Friday.  As the true teaching professionals we are, though, we did get some learning in!  Here's this week's version of Kacey's Five For Friday linky.
1. We began a unit on biographies.  My students have been intrigued by each new real-life person they have read about.  We were immersed in reading biographies by doing Readers Theater, Poetry, and Book Club studies.
They were doing a Readers Theater play on Helen Keller.
2.  We used the website called PebbleGo to research more famous (or infamous) people.
I think PebbleGo is a site your district can purchase, like BrainPop.
3. During our small group RTI time, my students reviewed skills through a Reading Tic-Tac-Toe board I created.  This board can be used to with any story or passage. I plan to put it on TPT soon.

A letter to the main character
4. I was invited to attend a focus group meeting hosted by a marketing firm representing a local teacher supply store.  They are hoping to increase their business, and were looking for ideas from teachers.  The rep from the marketing firm was not aware of TPT, and was wide-eyed when I explained the site.  Those of us who attended the focus group meeting received a $20 gift card from the store.  Even though I purchase items on TPT, I can always find something I want at a educational supplies store. Do you agree?
5. The PTA in our school organized a Scholastic Book Fair in our library during conference week.  Teachers can fill out a wish list for books, and parents are encouraged to check out the wish lists after conferences.  We visit the book fair as a class, too, and the students also fill out their wish lists. It turns into a lots of $$$$$ in books for our classrooms.
Teachers fill out wish lists of books, and the book choices are placed in library pockets on this board at the entrance to the Book Fair.
Hope you had a great week.  We have 2 more weeks until Spring Break!

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