Saturday, May 4, 2013

Currently and Class Mystery Skype

I got that from Farley, and it's time for her May Currently linky party.
I just finished Michael Oher's book, and it's interesting to see the movie again after reading the events from his point of view.
I love every scent of that VS Body Scrub. 
We have Book Club on Tuesday night, and we're discussing the book Wild.  I haven't started yet.  I may be faking it come Tuesday.
My daffodils are just about ready to pop.  Come on Sun.
Pale skin - nuf said!
I can't wait to have mornings free for golf.  My friends and I have a trip in the works to visit Chicago - love the city in the summer.  And, I am getting the itch to move - plus it's fun to just look at new houses.
Mystery Skype
On Friday my third graders did a mystery skype with a class in Alabama.  I set up the skype through a teacher I met last summer while attending the Mickelson/ExxonMobil Teachers Academy.
Anyway - my students had to figure out what state we were skyping with, as well as what grade the fellow skypers were in.
My kids wrote questions early last week, and I selected one from each student so they would all have a chance to speak.  I loved their questions.  They included:
Does your state touch Mexico?
Does your state border the Pacific Ocean?
Does your state get snow?
Does your state's shape have right angles?
Does your state's name begin with a vowel?
Does your state have a professional football team?
They had all been given maps of the U.S. to look over while the other class answered the questions.
They were so excited when they narrowed the clues down to Alabama!
We then asked each other questions about school in general, and we were so surprised to find out they don't go out for recess if the temp is below 40 degrees.  OMG - the cutoff temp for us is 0, as in zero!   
We hope to do a mystery skype with another class before the end of the school year.


  1. I posting from Farley's Currently. I love the idea of skyping another class.We don't have that technology yet, so I do paper pen pal letters. Either way, I think kids love to find out about other kids.
    First Grade by the Sea

  2. I've tried golf and MAN it's frustrating. Fun walking around the course though:)
    I hope your daffs bloom soon!

  3. I guess that I didn't know that Michale Oher wrote a book. Will have to check it out - love the movie!

    The mystery Skype sounds fun! I'm guessing that it would be pretty easy to find another class to Skype with in the bloggy world!

    Fifth in the Middle