Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

Hurray!  I just finished my 28 report cards and feel like I have reentered my life.  I have been holed up all weekend entering grades on the computer.  I'm sure I'll check them again before going to bed tonight.
Anyway, it's June and time for Farley's Currently!
I just happened to turn on the Women's Concert for Change, and they've got some heavy hitters performing, like Beyonce and John Legend.
I am ready for Summer Vacation, but will sincerely miss my class. My principal and other teachers have commented on what a nice group they are.  I can only hope I'll be saying the same thing at this time next year.
A group of us are looking into seeing Huey Lewis next Friday to kick off the summer.  Should be fun!
I have not blogged for over 10 days!  My life has been consumed with school stuff, and I can't wait(like all of you) to have time to do whatever.
My coworkers and I have commented that everytime we go to our e-mail there is a reminder about something else that has to be done before school is out. 
I love going on vacation - my must haves include my iPad (I seem to be severely attached to that thing lately), cute clothes for all those vacation outings, and a credit card! I went on a trip to Europe years ago, and I recall our tour guide saying (as he was trying to sell us on another excursion) - "It's only money, you'll make more of it" - which was spoken with  a New Zealand accent so it was hard to resist.
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  1. Hi Jane!
    I found you through the Linky and I am excited to be your newest follower! Your blog is so cute! I wish I could say my report cards are finished...I am getting close though! This is our last week too! Enjoy it and the concert on Friday!
    Two Friends In First

  2. Hey there! You are part of my 3 for the June Currently linky! I, too, was glad for school to be out so I could catch up on blogging and life in general! Sounds like you are about to kick summer off right! Have fun!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room