Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

There's not much I don't love about Summer!  So, I'm hooking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue for her "What I'm Loving Wednesday".
I love what my flowers look like, even though the weather has been very hot (90s) here this week.
I love golfing on Monday nights with my teacher friends. 
We found a course not far away that offers a women's golf happy hour - yay!
You get a short lesson, golf a 9-hole scramble, get a drink of your choice, earn prizes, and there is a spread of food in the clubhouse afterwards.
Sorry-it's hard to read the details.
I'm tutoring a little guy from my class in math this summer.
We found a website that we both love.
The website is called Bitesize, and comes from England.
You check out the site here.
There are review games for Literacy, Maths, and Science.
We love the accent.
I love finding bargains!
Last week Office Max had these white board markers on sale for $1.00.
That's right - $1.00!
I asked how many a person could buy, and the clerk said that teachers could get 20!
I just got 5.
I love having the time to take my dog for multiple walks during the day and evening.
Hope you're finding lots to love this week!

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