Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday (Finally) and a Character Banner Freebie

Well, these first few weeks have a been a whirlwind, and it's the first time this school year that I've been able to hook up with Doode Bugs Teaching's Five For Friday
Here we go!
Did you know this past week was Fire Prevention Week?  We don't pay as close attention to it in third grade as I had when I was teacking K and 1, but I did want to work it in somehow.  We used this app during station time:
I also used some fire related books during guided reading time, like Firehouse Dog and The Great Fire.
We did some lessons on context clues and I created this anchor chart:
I made up the word "derzle" and asked the students what it could mean based on the other clues in the sentence.  I love that someone thought that it could be a leaf blower!
I found out my first Donors Choose project was funded!  Hooray!
I had requested subscriptions to Scholastic News as our school no longer funds them, and they are great for teaching non-fiction. And the students write and mark all over them.
The project was funded within a month by the NEA Foundation and U.S. Cellular!
We have conferences three nights next week (ugh) so we prepared some projects to hang in the hallway.  We are currently studying character traits so I created banner pieces share favorite characters and traits. 
You can access the banner piece here, but I'm not sure how to delete the bottom triangle so the students just cut that part off.
Can anyone help with telling me how you delete lines in powerpoint?
My classroom is right across from our sensory room and next to a EEN classroom.
Yesterday one of the EEN students had a major meltdown which happened right outside our room and it got physical.  We were just on our way out the door to go to our weekly grade 3/4 gathering and were told we had to stay in our room until the situation was over.
We had to stay in our room for 45 minutes!
It was tense.......
for the people in the hallway I mean.
My students were great.
We turned on a video about Christopher Columbus and all was fine.
Only one person asked to get a drink of water but I discreetly told her we weren't allowed to go into the hallway just yet.
Apparently the principal hurt his back trying to settle the  EEN student.
What a way to end a week.
Hope YOU had a great week.

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