Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently - Checking In!

Happy November!

I made it through conferences, birthday fun, and Fall Break!  There's so much to do but little time to blog.  I have been keeping up on Instagram, though, so check me out there, too!
Thanks to Farley for giving me a very good reason to check in on the blog today.
Currently the Badgers are ahead!  Sorry to my friend Diane at Fifth in the Middle, who I know is cheering for the Hawkeyes.
So what to to with that extra hour tomorrow?  There are lots of things on the list.  I'll probably at school checking things off that list.
This weekend I'm putting together a project for TpT that addresses CCSS SL3.5.
That's the one where the students have to create an audio recording of their reading.
Last week my students used our iPad minis to do just that, and it worked out really well.
Watch for that project in my TpT store later this week.
In our district we have to develop all of our lesson plans around the CCSS and enter them into school's system.  It takes a loooong time just to develop the lessons, and then entering as we go adds to the stress.  I'd like to have a secretary sit with us as we develop the plans and enter them online. 
A girl can dream can't she?
 I bought a cheap shoe rack at Bed Bath & Beyond, and just organized most of my shoes in the hall closet.  Now to tackle the shoes in my bedroom closet.  Yikes!
This Mexican Dip has been a big hit at many get-togethers.  The key ingredient is the cilantro - yum! 

Do any of you do a Character Study unit?  I just posted "I Can..." statements for this type of unit in TpT that has been very well received.
Check it out here.


  1. Your blog is super cute! I found it through {CURRENTLY} :)
    I'm loving the extra hour too!!!

  2. I totally forgot about the extra hour tomorrow... you have made my day!! :) Now, if I can just be productive with my extra time:) So glad I follow you on Instagram - I'm completely addicted, and it always makes me feel better when I don't have time to blog. Glad someone else feels that way, too. Enjoy your weekend:)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. That dip looks fantastic! You can't really go wrong with a good chip and dip, unless you just eat too much! I am very much looking forward to that extra hour! I will be running a 10k. I wonder how many people will forget and show up early!

    Eclectic Educating