Monday, December 2, 2013

OMG - It's Currently Time Again

Yes - it's been a month since I blogged! I have the best intentions to share more posts but somehow one thing or another gets in the way.  At any rate  - here goes!
I had watched the first few episodes of  The Voice and liked one guy enough to buy one of his songs on iTunes.  The next time I caught an episode he was gone.  Darn. 
Over the weekend I was able to do a good cleaning of my garage.  I love driving in now and seeing how spotless it is. 
We're working on writing non-fiction pieces, and I'm getting my thoughts together on the best approach for tomorrow.  I also hope we have enough books for researching.
Even though I'm good on the cleaning, I'm behind on the decorations. This coming weekend is targeted for tree set-up, etc.
I have been on the look-out for some black boots but haven't found any in my price range that I like.
I love our tradition of going to Christmas Eve mass around 4:00, and then going out to dinner.  We've found quite a few nice restaurants still open on Christmas Eve (although I feel for the people who are working), and then we open presents at home afterwards. 

I wanted to share some pics from my classroom while I'm here!
This is one of the "I Can...." statements I created for our non-fiction unit.
We started the unit by looking for text features in big books.

Our local Lions Club came to our school to do a presentation, and gave each of our third graders a dictionaries.  The students love them!

And - yes, the items in my TpT store are on sale today and tomorrow!

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