Monday, April 28, 2014

Shhhhhh.........It's A Secret (CTP Style)!

You have stumbled upon some secret inside information!
Yep - that's right!
The new school year is months away but Creative Teaching Press is ready to release new products to inspire and invigorate teachers everywhere!

 I am thrilled to be one of a group of exclusive bloggers privy to the newest products yet to be released by Creative Teaching Press. And we are allowing all of you to get a sneak peek 
at these amazing, trend-setting items! 

First up - I love this poster that I plan to use to introduce my traditional literature unit on Fables!
I love the colors and patterns in the artsy poster, and the quote will set the stage for our reading of 
The Lion and the Mouse.
My intent is to share the poster at the beginning of the unit, and have a variety of Aesop's Fables available for students to read.
I want them to infer on their own which fable is being referred to in the quote.
This poster will also fit in nicely with our PBIS lessons on kindness and generosity!

Next - like many of you I am big fan of all things chevron!
Remember last summer when we all wanted the hottest chevron borders in our classroom?
I remember having to wait while my border was on back-order because it was so popular.
Don't let that happen to you this summer!

Order your chevron letters as soon as they are available!

Hop on over to Jennifer's blog at First Grade Blue Skies for a sneak peek at more innovative products from Creative Teaching Press.
And stop back to my blog for information about other unique items (and a GIVEAWAY) from CTP!
Stay tuned!!!

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