Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Made It - Book Pick Sticks

The craziness has set in - today was the first day back for teachers.
Tomorrow we have meetings all day (yawn), while thoughts of all we have to do back in our classrooms race through our minds.
Then on Wednesday we have Open House in the evening.

I'll have more to share later but wanted to jump back into Tara's Monday Made It hoopla with one project I completed recently.
I love that my students love books, but sometimes some of the kids hoard favorite books in their desks, even though they are finished reading them,.
So, each student will get 2 of these book pick sticks to put in the book boxes in my classroom library when they take a book.
They can only have 2 books from the classroom library out at a time.
Hopefully it will work as well as the plan I have in my head.

Thanks to Lowes and Sherwin Williams for the free paint sticks!
I painted the sticks first with some paint I had leftover from a bedroom redo at my house.
I added some washi tape, and then ran the name labels on sticky-back paper.
The font is from KG Fonts, and the apple clipart is from Krista Wallden.
I did have to secure the ends of the washi tape with some Mod Podge.

I put this picture on Instagram and got lots of feedback.
I love that you can buy pocket charts that are a color other than blue.
The black charts just seem to make colors on sentence strips pop!
Sorry for the blurry picture!
I discovered that these pocket charts are on sale on the Scholastic site!
You can find them here.
I purchased mine at our local teacher supply store.
Even though they are not on sale at the store, it was still cheaper for me because I didn't have to pay shipping, and teachers get a small discount at our local store.

Hope all your back-to-school activities are going well!

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  1. Your book pick sticks look great. I had a lot of trouble with children hoarding books in their trays last year so maybe I need to set something like this up for this year. Thanks for the idea!
    Growing Little Learners