Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Math Focus Wall With CTP Products

Hurray!  For the second week in a row I am linking up with Jessica at Covered in Glitter and Glue for her What I'm Loving Wednesday Linky!
Let me just say right off the top that I'm loving my summer!
Last weekend I had my family up for a get together.
We had so much fun eating, laughing, eating, lounging, reminiscing, and eating some more.

I also am loving that the football season has started.
We went to a Packer training camp practice yesterday but unfortunately I forgot my camera and my phone so go no pictures - ugh!

But, what I'm most excited to share this week is my math focus wall!
I was lucky enough to get score some items from Creative Teaching Press, and love how the board is all coming together.

We begin the year with multiplication so I always use flashcards as part of my border to get them thinking about the facts.

I love the colors of the calendar set from Creative Teaching Press.
You can find this set on their website here.

I also love the GNOMe set of cards that CTP has put together to display math standards.
GNOMe is an acronym for Geometry, Number Sense, Operations, and Measurement.
As you can see, I am starting the year posting the standards under the "Operations" heading because we begin the year with multiplication facts.
I plan to add the other areas as we get to them.
I think the visual display of the expectations will be important for my third graders.
Check out more info on GNOMe here

On the bottom left side of my focus wall is a legal size review board that I created.

We start our daily math work with a review of concepts on these boards that I change monthly.
I laminate the legal size sheets, and each day fill in a portion of the board.
For example on this board I write a number like 152 in the standard form section.
Then a student helper leads the class through showing 152 as requested in the other sections.
We show 152 expanded as 100+50+2, 
the word one hundred fifty-two,
the Roman Numeral CLII,
and then in the bottom sections students write numbers less than and greater than 152.
After school I erase the date we entered with a vis-a-vis pen, and change the number 152 to another number.
This process provides the students with a good review of basic math vocabulary.

At the beginning of each month, and new board replaces the current one.
I am convinced the daily review of third grade skills helped my students to make significant growth last year.
You can check out these monthly math boards in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

What are you loving this week?

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