Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Made-It - Insect Inquiry Unit and More

It's July and I've finally got my summer *stuff* together enough to join Tara for a Monday Made-It!

First up, I did a little Fourth of July decorating.

The stars are from Target, the mirror is from Hobby Lobby, the Home Sweet Home sign is from Shopko, and I made the straw star.  I just tied three straws together with a clear wire and tied a red polka dot ribbon around the middle. 

Do you get those e-mails from Shutterfly with various free offers?
Well, I've gotten free labels, cards, and now I made a luggage tag!
No - I am not going to Vegas, but I do have a trip to Pittsburgh planned for the weekend.

The flowers were from a picture I took, and on the back of the luggage tag is another sunset photo I took, along with my name and address.
I only paid for shipping, which was about $5.00.
I was out of town in June when it was Makeover Madness week, so I caught up on a makeover today.
I used the website called to get the photo image (for free)!
This was my first TpT project, and it was due for an update.

The Insect Inquiry Unit includes a research project, bingo game, and related books and iPad apps.
It is only $3.00, and you can find it in my TpT store.

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  1. Wow! Love all your projects. I have an Americana theme on my fireplace right now- I may have to add those stars!

    I also need to look into for some pictures!