Saturday, October 3, 2015

Five for Friday - Apples and More!

It's been a long time - since I've blogged, and even longer since I've joined in for Five For Friday.
We've been involved in lots of fun activities that I wanted to be sure to share!
 First, my students have been loving science!
We use FOSS, and started with the Measuring Matter unit.
I love how the activities build teamwork and cooperation.
My third graders had never used a tape measure before.

 We've been working on variables in math.
We use Math Expressions Common Core in our district, and we start off right away with multiplication.
It can be challenging, and I needed an activity that would take the pressure off - at least for one day.
So we made this Apple Facts book.
 The adorable apples are from Creative Teaching Press, and my students loved coloring them!
Each student was assigned a product, and then they had to write two related factors that matched that product.
The letters on the cover of the booklet are from Creative Teaching Press too.

You can find the apples, and many others shapes, on the Creative Teaching Press site here.
They are called "Color Me Apples 6" Designer Cut-Outs".

 Our school did a Color Run fundraiser this week.
Our PTO did a great job of organizing the event.  
We used colored cornstarch to spray the runners - the kids LOVED it.
And yes, I was covered with orange cornstarch afterwards.  
 I sent home a parent check-in survey early in the week to get some feedback on how the parents feel the school year is going.
It can be a scary thing to send home a survey like this, you might get negative feedback.
But, most of the time parents are happy that you are interested in opinions.
I got this comment, and it made my day and week!
An updated version of this survey is FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.
I hope your feedback on it is as positive as mine.
I had some extra apples left from our Apple Facts project (they come in a pack of 36),
so I used them to decorate bags for our Fall Book Raffle.
Come back to this blog and I will explain how I conduct book raffles in my classroom.
I hope you'll follow me for updates!

And check in on Kacey's blog for more Five For Friday posts.


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