Friday, November 20, 2015

Five For Friday - A Pilgrim Came to School!

Hallelujah!  It's Friday!

Here's a peek at my week.
 We had an actual Pilgrim visit our third graders this week!
You should have seen the looks on my students' faces - they were priceless.
They were so confused that "Elizabeth Hopkins" could still be alive.
As one boy explained it, a Pilgrim could have a baby, and that Pilgrim has a baby, and so on....
That's how we could actually have a Pilgrim visitor.  :)
She was so gooooood!  
She was actually from a nearby historical society.
She was worth every cent of the $175 we paid for her.

To review all that we've learned about Pilgrims we have done these Pilgrim I Have~Who Has cards.
They connect so well with our reading of the book If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620.
These cards are available in my TpT store with my Pilgrim Bingo cards.
Check them out here.
 This study of Pilgrims coincides with our non-fiction literature unit.
We started the unit by searching for text features in Big Books.
 Later the students had to search for, and take photos of, text features in Pilgrim non-fiction books.
Pictured below is the checklist of text features they searched for.
We used the Seesaw Learning Journal app to store the photos that students had taken of the text features.
This app provides a digital storage file for each student. 
It's fantastic!
We use it to store math work, recorded readings, and more!
Hope you had a great week!
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  1. What great ideas! You've all been awfully busy! I've heard of the Seesaw App, but haven't checked it out. I'll definitely have to now!