Saturday, November 14, 2015

Swap Meet - A Product Swap Blog Hop and Giveaway

I am happy to be a part of really fun product swap and giveaway!

As a part of this product swap I was lucky to try out the Digital Book Report created by Nicole at Primary Teaching Resources.
Click on the product cover below to go right to Nicole's TpT store to see this product!
 I love to incorporate the use of technology in my teaching, and this was the perfect project to do that, as well as support writing and reading instruction.
And added bonus was that my third graders got a wide variety of book suggestions from their classmates.

First, my students colored the included templates to look like themselves.
Two girl and two boy templates are available.
My students chose the one they most resembled.
Next, we wrote the title and author of a book they had read onto the display sheet.
Also, we gave a brief explanation of a favorite event from the story that might attract a 
new reader to the story.
I don't have a picture of the next step, but after coloring the display sheets, students used Google Drive to write a more detailed book review.  
Then we copied the book review, and pasted it into a box on the site called to generate a 
qr code of that text.  Since the writing had been in Drive, the students were able to share it with me so I could create the code if they had a problem doing it.
Nicole provided very clear instructions on how to do everything!

This past week I posted the completed projects all around my classroom.
During small group station time, the students used iPads to scan and read each of the book reviews.
I have 7 iPads in my room, and 5-6 students were in the small group that did this activity each day.

A really cool result of this project was that one of the assistant superintendents in my district and my principal happened to visit my room while the students were doing this activity.
They both remarked about how unique the projects were, and how engaged the students were while scanning and reading!

You can win this fantastic project, as well as the others listed in the graphic below by entering our giveaway!
Just follow the entry guidelines in the rafflecopter below.....

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  1. What a cool product. I love the QR code for each book report. It does truly make this a unique product. Thanks for reviewing it and for participating in the hop.

    Hanging Around In Primary

  2. These turned out great, Jane! I'm glad the assistant superintendent and principal approved of the task. Thanks for trying out my product with your third graders!