Friday, January 1, 2016

Five for Friday - Student Gifts and More

Happy New Year!

I'm including some Christmas ideas even though the holiday is in the rear-view mirror.
We had school on Monday and Tuesday of Christmas week so I never had a chance to share some of our holiday happenings.
These ornaments were inspired by a project done by Kristin (The Teeny Tiny Teacher).
I printed student pictures in color, and then took them to Staples to have them run on transparency paper.
I cut the pictures, rolled them up, and inserted them into the glass ornaments I bought at Michaels.
Then I added blue sequins, small white snowballs, and tied ribbon I got a Target a few years ago on top.
I got each student in my class a book from Scholastic (I have over 20,000 points saved!).
Also, I bought the clear plastic pencil cases last summer when they were on sale, and decorated them with some holiday Washi tape.
I put some candy, a pencil, and a homework pass inside the pencil case.
My students were thrilled!
For our class holiday celebration we played this giant game of Kerplunk!
The game was actually purchased by our PBIS committee, and one of my students won it for the month at our last school-wide celebration.
They also use it when we have indoor recess.
I've so enjoyed being off this week.
On the day after Christmas my sister-in-law, niece, and I took the train into the city of Chicago 
for shopping and lunch.
It was raining but we still had fun looking at the decorations around the city, 
especially the windows in Macy's.

We got our first snowstorm on Monday.
And it was a whopper!
We got almost a foot of snow in 24 hours.
The house looks so pretty dressed in white!
If you are like us, and got a lot of snow, then perhaps you'd like to have your students try my 

In this product students measure how dirty or clean snow might be.
Ugh - I think they will be surprised!
This product is only $2.00!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I hope 2016 is very good to you!


  1. Love Chicago! Looks like tons of fun!

    1. It's always fun to visit the Windy City, even on a rainy day. Hope you had a good break!

  2. I love Chicago too - it is one of my very favorite cities!
    That giant Kerplunk game looks like so much fun!
    Happy New Year!

    1. My students really liked the game - it was sort of suspenseful to see who would which stick would make all the balls drop!

      Hope you had a great break!