Saturday, January 16, 2016

Five For Friday - A Way to Make Math Worksheets Fun

I'm back for another week of Five For Friday.  Thanks to Kacey at Doodle Bugs for hosting!

Our district has adopted the Math Expression Common Core series.
If you use this program you know that it includes MANY pages of story problems
 to encourage reflection of the concepts. 
This week we finished a unit section on elapsed time, and had worked on strategies for computing starting times, ending times, how much time, etc...
Too make these story problem worksheets a bit more interactive, I decided to make timeline drawings for the problems, and post them around the room. 
Students had already practiced making these timeline drawings themselves in previous lessons.
The students worked with a partner to match the problem on the worksheet with a drawing posted somewhere in the room.
Each partner group started with a different problem on the worksheet to avoid all crowding around one timeline.
The directions were:
1. Read the problem, circling important information.
2. Look around the room for a timeline that matches the information you circled, as well as the text in the story problem.
3. When the matching timeline was found, students wrote the answer to the problem, as well as the corresponding letter of the timeline picture.  
You can see in the photo above, that it was labeled as timeline A.
4. Once all partner groups were finished, we came back together as a class and compared answers.
Students discussed their reasoning in matching problems to timelines.
Many students said they loved doing our math work in this way.
I have done it before with other kinds of story problem sheets.

Measurement is the theme for this current math unit, and the first part of the unit dealt with measuring weight.
I asked students to donate cans, and each day we weighed them on a simple scale.
Before weighing them we estimated if they were less than a pound, equal to a pound, or more than a pound.
We did begin to read the info on the labels to help us.
Now, we will donate all the cans to our local food pantry.
We do this project every year!
We are finishing up a unit on Simple Machines.
See my previous post for more on that.
We read books about force, and student pairs looked for sentences that included the word force.
They wrote the sentences on sticky notes, and sorted them on this anchor chart.
I rewrote the sentences so they were easier to see.
Did you know the Green Bay Packers are playing in a big game this weekend?
We wrote letters to our favorite team to cheer them on!
Go Pack GO!
We used these great books to learn about Martin Luther King.
I love the illustrations in this book!
A small group worked on the reading and related pyramid project each day this week during our station time.
This project can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and includes suggestions for doing projects about not only Martin Luther King, but other famous Black Americans!
 Click here to view the product.
Hope you had a great week!

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