Thursday, September 6, 2012

Math Bulletin Board - TBA Open House Week

While blog stalking this evening I came across the Open House Week linky that is being hosted at TBA.  Today's topic is bulletin boards, and I thought it was the perfect time to share some photos from my third grade classroom.
We just started school last Tuesday, and I was detailing my boards until the day before, so just wasn't ready to show anything til now.  I really like the way my math board/area turned out.
Last school year I saw a suggestion for using flash cards as border for the math wall.  We're starting with multiplication by 5s so those were the cards I used.  I did put them in an order, and the students noticed right away. I ran out of 5s so added some by 2s for the bottom area.  I plan to change the flash cards as we study other count bys.
So far I've added the coin amounts in decimals to the board, and a clock to review time.  We are also writing a number in standard form, expanded form, word form, Roman Numerals, and less than and greater than amounts.  That is the chart under the clock and the orange sentences about multiplying. 
To the right of my math board is my poetry area.  I change the poems every week, and on Fridays we add a paper copy to our poem notebooks.  Here is another view:


  1. Creative border! I am loving that rocking chair!

  2. Thanks Deniece! I inherited that chair from a wonderful teacher who retired recently. I love it too!