Monday, September 10, 2012

September 11 Book and Video Suggestion

Hi All-

Will you be remembering the events of September 11, 2001, in your class tomorrow or this week? We always watch the Reading Rainbow video called "The Tin Forest".  It is available through Safari - we have Safari on our school district's home page.  Safari is an online warehouse for videos.  Anyway, "The Tin Forest" episode is a very touching story of students whose school was affected by the tragic events on September 11.  The students had to attend a different school for months, and after returning to their own school they create a music video to thank those in their neighborhood who helped in the aftermath.  Keep the kleenexes handy - this video gets to me everytime.

Also, when I visited the 9/11 Memorial this summer in NYC I saw a great book in the gift shop.  It is called The Little Chapel That Stood.  I did not purchase it and am now wishing I would have.  This book tells the story of the chapel across the street from the towers that remains standing after the collapse of the buildings.  The chapel became a resting spot for all of the volunteers.  They were renovating it when I was in NYC but I had been inside it before.  It is a wonderful, emotional place to visit.  After doing a search I found there are very few books available because of a variety of factors.  I found one at Barnes & Noble online and it was over $100!   But never fear, I found a copy of the book online, and you can access it here
There is also a teacher's guide that goes with this book that can found here.


  1. Thanks so much for the video suggestion. I have never seen it before and it was awesome to start some great discussion in our class on 9/11. It seems we all blog and use others ideas and sometimes we never know if anyone reads or uses our ideas. I also shared it with 2 other teachers in my grade and they used it also. Thanks again for sharing.


    1. Hi Mrs. G.-

      Thanks for the comment - it made my day! I am glad you and your colleagues found my suggestions useful!

      Have a great weekend!