Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Year One Bloggiversary

Happy One Year Anniversary...

to Michelle at The 3AM Teacher!  I used one of her borders in an item I have on TPT, and it is my best selling item (actually I've only sold a few, but technically it's still my best selling item - I don't have that many in my store!).  I think she is so talented, and generous with her creations.  Please check her out.
As part of the linky party in honor of her bloggiversary she has asked fellow bloggers to share highlights of their first year in the blogging world.  I am still in the midst of my first year, but I've already had some happy dance moments!

1. Winning a splitter for my iPad from at Keri at Teach~Play~Smile!  I have entered many contests and was picked to win this little doo-dad that is used daily in my classroom.  Thanks Keri!

2. Joining up with Amanda at The Teaching Thief for Fiction Friday.  Every Friday during the summer I jumped on her site to get book suggestions to use with my third graders.  Check her out - she's awesome!

3.  Discovering on my stats page that people have found me through Pinterest, and through someone else's blog. What an honor to be recognized in this way!  I am still gaining followers, and it always puts a smile on my face to see someone new on my little list.

4.  I have been teaching a LONG time, but continue to learn from my teacher buds in the blogging world.  :)

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