Sunday, November 4, 2012

Currently - November

Well I, for one, am glad it's November because our conferences are done and we've made it through a horrendous couple of months in my school district.  We've had what seems like a zillion curriculum changes and we're finally getting into the groove.  I may even be able to post more often on my blog (stay tuned).

Here's my version of the November Currently:

And....the Packers just scored! So we are on way to what I hope is another win.  Don't you just love Aaron Rodgers?  The announcers just said that his stats are "staggering"!

I loved sleeping in - need I say more about that extra hour? 

We start state testing this week so there will be little time for spelling/word work.  My plan is to review some of our third grade "No Excuse" words in the little time we have, and I am sending that list home to the parents.

Do you ever get that itch to move?  Well - it has hit me, and I did some dangerous realtor blog stalking yesterday.  Of course I found a house not too faraway that is probably way out of my teacher price range.  A girl can dream can't she?  Sigh...

I have a museum of computers in my clasroom.  I have a 1980s era Apple IIe, a 1990s era Mac, and two PCs from the 2000s.  Oh, and I now have an old laptop and an iPad.  Anyway, our IT department refuses to support any of the relics, so I took one of the PCs to a local computer dealer for some work this weekend.  It was fixed for a mere $20 - so we are back in business. I use these during my small group station time for the students to review skills, and the kids are motivated to use them all. 

The music my classes consistently love is a little diddy from the Dole 5-a-day website.  I actually got a cassette tape free from their site years ago and continue to use it.  The students hear about healthy foods to eat while they dance to the fun music.  You can hear the music by clicking on the link and then scrolling down to another link below the words to the song.
Dole 5-a-day Song (also known at the SuperKids Song)
You can join Farley in this month's Currently here.


  1. Wow. That is your own little history of computers right there. $20 is not bad, though. We just had two of our four library computers die. Didn't even occur to me to do that. Just sent them on to the great district warehouse in the sky. Anyway. Glad to find your blog and I'll be back!

  2. I love your little museum of computers! I change my spelling homework every month to keep them guessing, so I just finished up my parent info sheet for November! I am glad the rule of 3 brought me to your blog, as I am now your newest follower. Happy Sunday!

  3. That's terrible your IT department wouldn't fix that for you, but for $20 it sounds like you got a great deal.

    I'm heading off to check out that song you mentioned. It sounds like something my students would enjoy...or at least a song that I would try to make them enjoy :)

    Oh...and I hope we can still be bloggy friends...but I'm a Bears fan!!
    Brie @ Breezy Special Ed

  4. So happy to have found you through Farley's link up. I'm your newest follower :-)
    I totally second your loving the extra hour... I needed more sleep!
    I cannot believe your IT department won't fix your computers! Not cool. You rock to haul that relic out and fix it yourself for your kiddos!!!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  5. House hunting sounds fun, even if it is just for fun. We just moved two years ago and I am not up for that again anytime soon. Thanks for the Dole song... I am going to try that out with my kids.

    I am your newest follower now.