Saturday, April 6, 2013

Five For Friday - Spring Break Rewind

Hi Friends,

My spring break is just about coming to a close, but it was awesome!  My Five For Friday post for this week will be a chance for me to relive a great vacation to Florida.

1. A friend and I enjoyed a relaxing stay in St. Petersburg.  For those of you who don't know, this is not the same place as St. Pete's Beach.  I didn't know until I got there.  There wasn't a beach next to our hotel, but there was great walking along the bay.  It was beautiful.
The view from the pool area.
2. In the evening, after dinner at one of the many outdoor restaurants within walking distance, we walked along the path near the water and were able to see dolphins diving in and out of the bay.
A dolphin has just dove under the surface in the middle of the picture.
3. We met really nice people, and often they would recommend spots for us to check out.  One woman told us to take a trip to Sarasota to check out the shops at St. Armands Circle and the Lido Beach.
The water was so blue!
4. We think the team members from the Baltimore Orioles were staying at our hotel. We had read that professional baseball teams often stayed at the hotel while playing the Tampa Bay Rays.  Let's just say there was some eye candy around the pool.
5.  It was great to feel the warmth of the sun for just a few days.  Unfortunately this is what I woke up to this morning.   Back to reality.....

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