Sunday, April 7, 2013

Must Read Mentor Texts Linky - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Those cutie patooties over at Collaboration Cuties are hosting a linky on must-read mentor texts for literacy lessons.  I am going to go old school here and suggest that you read The Tale of Peter Rabbit to your students.  It is a classic tale that readers will love. 
I have used this book to not only introduce the esteemed author Beatrix Potter, but also to teach point of view (and letter writing).  After reading the book aloud and in small groups, the students would write letters from one character to another.  For example, Mr. McGregor could write to Peter, or Peter's mother could write to Mr. McGregor, or Flopsy could write to Mopsy.  In each case my students showed unique perspective in writing creative letters from that character's point of view.
I also wanted to share an idea I used during RTI time the week before break, and will use this coming week.  I originally got this idea years ago from a Mailbox Magazine.  I call it "Scrambled Eggs", and the students have to unscramble words on strips of paper that have been placed inside plastic eggs.
Last week the words were from our Science units on Rocks and Minerals, and Simple Machines.

The students record the unscrambled words on a sheet that is turned in to the teacher.  They can work alone or with a partner in unscrambling the words.
This week I have scrambled math words in the eggs.  This activity is always a big hit!

Check out Collaboration Cuties for more Mentor Texts suggestions.

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  1. I love that you went old school style!!! I never think to use these kinds of books, and I feel like there are students these days who probably have never heard of Beatrix Potter! I don't think I even own any of those books actually...

    I love the idea of the scrambled eggs! Too cute!!!
    Thank you for linking up!!!
    Collaboration Cuties