Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently March and Hockey Science!

It's that time again - a new month brings Farley's Currently link-up!
I am praying (as the snow falls here) that Spring will come soon!
I couldn't live without Sirius XM - I hardly ever listen to local radio anymore.
Yes - I bought a new house and move in mid April.  I can't wait!
My nephew's college basketball team is playing a tournament game tonight in a city about 45 minutes away.  Word has it that the gym will be packed, so they're advising people to get there early.
My whole family sure loves watching him play.
I've had my eye on a bench at Target that is on sale this week.
Do I buy it now, and store it until I move?
I really don't have a place for it in my current house.
I still haven't made Spring Break plans but have an airline voucher that's just waiting to be used.
I may have to stay here and pack for the move though.
Can you guess the question to my answer??
Last week we did a fun science experiment that had the students really engaged.
We learned about the physics of hockey through an inquiry experiment.

Students use small sticks (like craft sticks) as hockey sticks, and small disks like buttons and/or coins to try different attempts at hitting a goal.
They experimented with angles, weight of pucks, and amount of force from the hockey stick to see which achieved the best results.
If you have hockey fans in your class, or need something for a "fun Friday" activity, you can try this  with your students by checking out this product in my TpT store.
It includes a reflection and data booklet, and links to a video as well as suggeted book resources.


  1. Is your ???? your favourite musical? Congratulations on buying a house! I say buy the bench and have them keep it in store until you are ready to collect - like Layby!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. I think your question is--the best musical of all time and you have tickets to go see it soon! Happy Sunday!

  3. Buy the bench! Move some stuff around and squeeze it in your house until you move! Love the hockey experiment. That looks so FUN!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'