Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five for Friday - CTP Responsiblity Board

It is sunny here today and the temp is above the freezing mark, so I'm celebrating by hooking up with the Five for Friday linky, which I haven't done for ages!
I updated my "Be Responsible" board.
Each student has a small shape with their name on it.
The black sheet lists weekly responsiblities.
If the students forget one of the responsibilities, his or her shape is taken down.
The students whose shapes are remaing at the end of the week earn a Behavior Buck (our version of PBIS bucks) and some other reward (this week it was a 15 minute technology pass).

I love the look of the new letters I got from Creative Teaching Press!  I had the chevron border from CTP, and have a black, gray, and lime green color scheme in my classroom.
I updated this last week to reflect some responsiblities students had been forgetting lately.

We started a unit on Fables this week, and l love using this book!
There are such great word choices and dialogue.
Make sure you change your voice for each of the characters when reading!

Our district used FOSS Science, and I really love the lessons.  We are currently doing the Earth Materials unit. Although it was a pain to make the mock rocks for this unit, the students loved chipping away at them to find the minerals.
The safety were glasses were a huge hit!

Our PTO organized a fundraiser to obtain more laptops for our school.
It turned out to be fantastic!
Each class had a theme basket, and the families donated items to put in their child's classroom basket.
My class's theme was chocolate - oh my!
(I may or may not have snuck out a dark chocolate candy bar after school one day!)
Someone even donated chocolate lotion!

My nephew plays college basketball and they made it to a championship game last weekend.
It was a very exciting game - they were ranked 7th but made to play the team ranked first.
Unfortunately they lost, but we are all proud of him and the team.
Can't wait until next year!

Check out Doodle Bugs' site for the Five For Friday linky.


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