Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday and What I'm Wearing Wednesday Newbie

Today I'm joining up with two linky parties.
First, Miss DeCarbo's Wordless Wednesday party on her blog at Sugar and Spice,
I follow Miss DeCarbo on Instagram, and have wanted to join up on this one for awhile now.

Is this not the cutest thing?
What do you think my little buddy is watching and waiting for?

Next up, Ideas by Jivey's What I'm Wearing Wednesday Linky Party.
I subbed for Summer School again today, and thought I was going to be hot since we have no air conditioning.  You read that right people - NO air!
Wouldn't you know it - we had unseasonably cool weather today, and I was cold in this outfit.
The top and skirt are both from Banana Republic, and the shoes are from Marshall's.
People often tell me they like the shoes.
They are comfy and were such a good deal.

Check out these two great bloggers' sites for more Wednesday fun!


  1. Well here comes another- I love those shoes!! Glad you weren't sweating to death at school today. BLECH. Thanks for linking up!!
    (PS your little buddy is so stinkin' adorable! I have a miniature poodle and I call him my little buddy too!)

  2. So cute! Love those shoes too... I am teaching summer school, but I do have AC... I do remember teaching without AC... it was terrible!!! Nice link up! I joined you, and shouted out!!! ;)

    You're So Sharp!

  3. Cute outfit! Nothing from Banana Republic ever looks good on me. Maybe someday when I've lost the weight I say that I'm going to ;)

  4. Jane, you look ADORABLE! I want some of those shoes. I went to Target today. I got a pair or pajama pants that were -$4.99 and only cost me $8! I know you are impressed! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'