Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday Made It - Birthday Board

Hooray!  I'm on summer vacation!
We were actually out a week ago but I was on vacation last week, and haven't gotten back into the blogging until today.
I loved the weekly Monday Made It last summer, and was inspired by so many ideas.
Here's what I have to share this week:

I created this board at the beginning of last school year but never blogged about it.
I had seen something similar on Pinterest, and if it was yours - thank you!
The monthly headers are from the great Amy Lemons, and each students is holding a number card with the date of their birthday in that month.
Did you notice that there is even a picture of my dog under November??

I had a gray, lime green, and black color scheme in my room last year. 
I liked it a lot, but may modify it slightly this coming year.

My next Monday Made It is from home.
I like to put together flowers in pots for around my house.
The bricks in the front of the house have a slight red to them so I wanted to find flowers that were 
not bright red, but more maroon red.
I found geraniums that were described as "merlot".
Love that!
I got the pots at Lowes.

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  1. Oh...the birthday chart is adorable! You better not be drinking those "merlot" flowers, Jane! Lol! Everything looks super cute!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your birthday board is too cute!!! And I love me some gardening:) Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics