Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Tuesday "Twofer" - QR Codes and Haiku Deck

It's Tuesday, and I am going to to join up with two linky parties to share technology tips.
Yesterday I attended the EdTech Teacher Summit on Navy Pier in Chicago.

It was a fabulous place to attend a workshop on using iPads in elementary classrooms.
I heard lots of practical, can-use-it-tomorrow ideas that I plan to share today and in future posts.

One of the apps I am going to share to link up with Holly's Tried It Tuesday linky is called Haiku Deck.

Haiku Deck is a free app, but it's also available for Chromebooks!
In this tool, students can create short powerpoint-like presentations to share info about a topic.
This is a sample presentation I was preparing about penguins.
This tool is really easy to use - even for primary students.
You do not have to sign in to use this app/website.  You can use up to 7 slides for free without an account.

The presentations are actually called "Decks".  I'm not sure where the "Haiku" part comes in.
You do not have to create poetry (unless you want to!)
There are great visual directions to get you started.
One of the things I really like about this tool is that there is a search engine embedded right in the app/site.
The images that come up seem to be very student-friendly.
This is another sample project I was doing on cockapoos.
A colleague in the class was making a learning center about concrete and abstract nouns, and searched for an image on the abstract noun - honesty.
It was interesting to see the totally appropriate images that came up.
I will definitely use this app/site during non-fiction units with my third graders.
You can find out more about Haiku Deck here.

Next, my friends at Learning to the Core and I Teach 1:1 for their Tune Into Technology Linky.
They have been sharing great technology ideas this summer, and this week they are sharing information about using QR Codes in the classroom.

My students LOVE learning with QR Codes.
I have developed two QR Code activities that were big hits in my classroom.

The first is an investigation of well-known author websites. Click here to see it in my TpT store.

The next is an investigation of popular vacation websites!  Click here to see it in my TpT store.

Check out all the great QR Code activities, and an awesome giveaway at I Teach 1:1 or 
Learning to the Core!


  1. I've heard lots of good things about Haiku Deck, but haven't tried it before. I'll have to play around with it because it looks like it would be perfect for my 2nd graders. Going to go check out your QR code investigations. They look like a lot of fun! Thanks so much for linking up!
    iTeach 1:1

  2. I love how you use QR codes for a little investigating! Sounds like such an engaging activity for your students- thanks so much for linking up!
    Amanda & Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core