Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made It - Library Pocket Centers

It's time for another edition of Monday Made It, hosted by Tara at 4th Grade Frolics!
I have been enjoying summer (I played golf both Saturday and Sunday this weekend!), but have also found time to start thinking about back to school projects.
I started a poetry product last August and never completed it.
So one of my goals for this summer was to finish the product - it feels good to cross things off the list!

Anyway, I put together a center using library pockets as a part of this product, which is my MMI #1.
I added velcro to the front of the library pockets so that I could use them for multiple center sorting activities.
You can purchase the sticky back velcro circles at JoAnns.
It will be so easy to change out the title on the library pockets depending on the skill we are working on.
BW Collection Jumbo Library Pockets from Creative Teaching Press
The library pockets are on sale right now!

Here is what my sorting center looks like right now.
You can find the banner here.
My second "made it" is of the gardening variety.
The newspaper box is from Michaels, and I was able to write on it with a chalkboard pen.
Unfortunately my paper never makes it in that box.
Behind the box is a tall skinny tin container filled with sand.  I hung the small bird house on a hook that sits upright in the sand.
The vine on the left is a Clematis.

My third "made it" is a new twist on s'mores bars.
I found this recipe in my Food & Family magazine.
These are bars you can make on the grill!  They were yummy - especially the chocolatey bottom layer.
Look for the recipe here.

I would love to read your comments about my contributions to this fun linky!

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  1. I love the sorting center! What a great idea!