Saturday, January 23, 2016

Five For Friday - Snow Science Experiment and More

Hi Friends!
Here is this week's update.
We are wrapping up our unit on Simple Machines, and one of the assessments I used was on Google Doc.
I created a Google doc that included a paragraph (not shown) that the students had to edit for missing periods. Then they had to use that paragraph as a model to write a new paragraph about the wedge (an axe) shown in the picture.  I shared the document with the students through Drive, and they made a copy, worked on the paragraphs, and then saved to their Drive.
I also asked them to share it back with me.
Google Drive provides an easy way to view completed work!  No papers to mess with!
I do a weekly poem, and this one was about the season of Winter.
We rewrote the poem, choosing a new topic.
Some students wrote about sports, others chose books, and this girl wrote about friends!

Our week started out with sub zero temperatures.
Here's my love bug trying to stay warm cuddled in a blanket!
As I write this I am avoiding writing report cards.
They are due Monday.
Thanks to Ryan for making the process a bit more tolerable.
Are you one of those people getting pummeled with snow this weekend?
Here's something fun to do with all that snow when you return to school.
This results collected on this tally chart are probably no surprise to those that work with young students.
 After viewing the competed tally chart, my students were instructed to go outside and fill a 100 mL beaker with snow from anywhere on the school grounds.
They worked in groups of three on this, and some wanted to find the (what they thought to be)
cleanest snow on the property.
 We then placed the snow on a coffee filter that sat atop a screen over a plastic container.
The papers noted group members' names and where they found their snow.
 After letting the snow melt overnight, the students came back to observe the remains on their coffee filters
Students recorded observations on a tri-fold sheet.
This fun activity, which leads to lots of great discussion, can be found in my TpT store for only $2.00.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your snow activity! I should show the picture to my 11 year old.....I saw him eating snow just this morning!!
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  2. I am someone who waits until 10 the night before report cards are due to start....worse feeling!! Love your poem idea!!

  3. I love your snow experiment! We've been covered in snow for days! I want to try it with them when get back to school.