Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently - Groundhog Day

I've been on a Currently hiatus the last couple of months, and am glad to announce that the hiatus is over!

Did you by any chance notice that we have a SNOW DAY today??
Hence, the reason for my suspended Currently hiatus.
Winter Storm Kayla has graced my area of WI, and I couldn't be happier.

I just made Cake Mix Cookies because I had the ingredients in my kitchen.
So easy...
My cookies did not not turn out this perfectly, but they were good.
While making the cookies I had Millionaire on in the background.
Former Bachelor contestants were playing - I didn't realize Chris Harrison is now the host of this show.

I posted a Donors Choose project earlier this week, and was sad to realize that there is not a code for matching donations during the first week of my project.
I thought that was standard practice during the first week of new projects.
Does anyone know of any codes that work right now?
I wanted to send the info to the parents of my students, but hoped to send along matching 
dollar amount codes.
Here is a link to my project called......
We would like to go beyond the Hour of Code by programming robotic balls through 
maps and obstacle courses.
Does anyone know of a Facebook page where you can post products?
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

I presented a Genius Hour type project to my students on Monday.
I have to do some more research on the topic to move forward.
My students are very excited about it!

We have a few new teachers on our staff this year, and they have been great additions.
I have really connected with one, and we ventured out in the snowstorm today 
to have breakfast and chat.  

Hope you're having a wonderful Groundhog Day!
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  1. Enjoy your snow day, I think we had 10 last year! Crazy!!

  2. Jealous of your snow day! We had one a couple of weeks ago, but I need another break again! Love The Bachelor- wish I could have watched that!