Saturday, February 27, 2016

Five for Friday - Accuracy Anchor Chart & More!

An anchor chart, an iPad buddy, a school fundraiser, pendulum fun, and a kindness tree! This is what you'll find when you get a peek at my week in this week's Five for Friday!
My third graders needed a tune-up in the accuracy department. 
One day I did a mini-lesson on accuracy in reading, and another day we discussed accuracy in writing.
Hopefully these reminders will make some kind of impact.

 Another staff member and I lead a STEM Club for third and fourth graders once a month.
This month we had some fun with pendulums.
Students worked with a partner to count the frequency of the swings in a thirty-second time period.
Then their challenge was to change one variable to increase the frequency.
They could shorten or length the string, increase or decrease the weight of the bob, or change the arc of the swing. It was a fun investigation with little prep!
I have seven iPads in my room which my students take turns using.
I found this cute and cuddly iPad buddy at Office Max for $5.00!
Students earn a chance to use the iPad buddy if their homework is in, they have their assignment notebooks signed, and they have all of their supplies for the day.
The students love this incentive!  They've named this guy Rascal.

Our guidance counselor created this tree for our lobby to recognize students that do kind things for one another.  It's called the Kindness Tree and it supports Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Our PTA organized a Mardi Gras bingo night last night complete with a silent auction and loads of prizes.
The silent auction items included Disney passes, and two signed Green Bay Packer footballs.
The event was so well organized!

Hope you had a great week!
Thanks for stopping by!

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