Saturday, February 13, 2016

Five for Friday - Non-fiction Writing Project

After a busy week, it's great to be looking at a three-day weekend!
And I'm spending my Saturday watching my favorite golfer, Phil Mickelson, in the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament.  The weather looks awesome there....
 Last week Newsies came to our local Performing Arts Center.
Such a great show!
 Since we've had such a busy week I took the easy route with our valentine bags.
I found these at Hobby Lobby, and I had chalkboard labels that we used for the names.
The students cut some hearts and we called it a day.
We use FOSS for our science curriculum, and one of the third grade units is on Earth Materials.
We dissected mock rocks and worked at analyzing the make-up of the rocks.
The students LOVE wearing goggles for this.
We finished a long writing project at the end of January.
Each student chose a topic, researched it, put the info into paragraphs, added an introduction and conclusion, and then typed it all into a Google Doc.
Then we added images, and put it all into a class book.
The books were finally bound, and the students were proud to receive their copies on Friday.
As the students were reading their classmates' articles, I asked them to write compliments on sticky notes about the passages they were reading.
I loved how they turned out.

If you're looking for a cute, easy book for young students to write about what they love, this is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $1.50.
This short video shows a few of the pages from the booklet.

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