Saturday, February 6, 2016

Five for Friday - EPIC Reading App

It's Saturday.'s my Five for Fraturday (as Kristin would say).
Do you know about the free Epic Reading App?
An educator can sign up and have access to TONS of books for their students to read.
The cool thing is, you can see just what books your students selected, and how long they spent on that book.
And look at how many pages this boy flipped??
My students LOVE the app, but are almost overwhelmed at the choices.
There are options for searching and rating books.
Parents can also get the app, but there is a cost of home use.
I posted this on Instagram, and someone from Epic commented on my post!
We are working on using text evidence to support our answers when reading, as I'm sure all of you are.
I saw the EAT strategy on IG a couple of years ago, but can't find the original person who posted it.
Thank you, if the source happens to be someone reading this.
My students have really gotten the idea of restating part of the question, telling the answer, and then citing the spot in their book that supports their answer.
Our local minor league baseball team (the WI Timber Rattlers) sponsors a reading challenge
 for children in our area.
The team mascot, Fang, came to our school to kick-off the reading challenge.
If the students read enough minutes, they earn a ticket to a game, as well as a hot dog and soda.
What a great deal!
My district is part of math study being conducted by the 
Harvard School of Education.
Those teachers that are part of the study have to video tape lessons for review.
This is the second year of the study, and I was lucky enough to work with a math coach from Harvard last year.  We skyped about twice a month to chat about my math instruction.
My coach gave suggestions and goals to work toward during the skype sessions.
This study has made a big impact on my students' understanding of math concepts.
We use a Samsung Galaxy to videotape lessons.
Yes, it is a bit intimidating.

I was honored to have one of my products selected for an e-book that is now available on 
Teachers Pay Teachers.
Thanks to Tamara and Naomi for putting this together.
You will find many wonderful products for observing Black History Month!
You can find my Snapshots of History project here.
Thanks for stopping by this week!

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