Saturday, January 12, 2013

Five for Friday 2

It's time for the second installment of Five for Friday, brought to you by Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Here are five random things about the past week in my so-called life.

1. We started a new unit on writing realistic fiction.  We talked about story arcs as part of the prep work leading up to the writing.  I found this pretty simple arc on the web. Please click here to go the website where I found it after a google search.
2. Before Christmas the third and fourth grade teachers in my school were given the option to pilot the new state computerized test with our students. We were told we wouldn't be given the results of the test, but we would just be giving the test to our students so the test makers could get some feedback on how it went.  What would your response be?  Duh - yeah, of course we said we would pass (especially given the fact that we already give MAP tests and would still have to do those).  On Friday we got an e-mail saying we had to do these pilot tests, and the window would be the last two weeks in April.  Which is two weeks before we'd be giving the year-ending MAP tests that now play a part in our salaries. Did you hear about those teachers in Seattle - I hear ya people - loud. and. clear.
3. We've had warm (40 degree) weather here the last few days, and the snow that was about a foot deep is now melting.  It's ugly.
4. Last night one of my bestie girlfriends and I went to UNO Chicago Grill to hash over the week.  It was good to vent over a couple of Blue Moons. 

5.  We Wisconsinites are all about the play-off game this weekend.  I put this pic on my personal FB page, and everyone kept asking if it was real.  Yeah - it's real!!  I didnt' take the actual photo - it was shared from another friend's FB page.  You have to admit  - they are pretty hot.
Let's Go Packers!

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