Friday, January 25, 2013

Five For Friday Four & Give-A-Way!

Thanks to all who have stopped by my blog to check out the give-a-way I am having.  And, a special thanks to Nichole from The Craft of Teaching and Heather from Kickin' It With Class for being supportive in my quest for 100 followers, as well as all the bloggers who joined up.  I am so close, and am really hoping to make my goal before the give-a-way ends on Saturday evening.
Here is this week's version of Five For Friday:

1. On Mondays we do a PBIS activity.  This week my third graders were asked to think of a classmate that they could show more respect and consideration.  They wrote about things they could do to show that person more respect.  We then put everyone's slip of paper into a box that was visible in the room.  Luckily a coop student I had years ago gave me this very appropriate box.  I encouraged the students to look at the box each day and think of how they could be more respectful to their selected person.
One boy's secret note for being respectful
2. One of the small group activities my students had to do this week was sequence the lines in our weekly poem. This week's poem was about the seven continents.  I cut the poems apart differently for each student  - trying to match the difficulty of the sequencing to the student.  Here is the copy of our poem, as well as a student's final copy after sequencing.

3. This is one of the products you could win if you enter my give-a-way!  It's from Lakeshore Learning, and my students used it a station this week. It's called "Can Do" and includes a card game review of contractions, compound words, and multi-syllabic words. All the supplies are stored in the can, and the directions are on the side.  The spinner is on top.  This is a fun learning game that can be stored easily!

4. My students need so many reminders to capitalize letters correctly!  I decided to do an M&M challenge to encourage them to step it up with capitals.  I gave them a bag of snack size M&Ms on Monday, and said I would be watching to see if they used capital letters correctly.  If they didn't, I was going to record it, and on Friday they would have to give the same number of M&Ms back to me from their bag.  They were all for it at the beginning of the week, but of course there were tears later in the week when I pointed out to some that they had forgotten capitals. They all seemed to be aware of proper use of capitals for most of the week, though!

5. Today we had a PBIS celebration.  The students in our K-6 school were mixed, and went to different rooms for Minute-to-Win-It activities.  The challenge in my room was to build a tower of paper plates and cups.  The kids loved it, and our PBIS team did a great job with the organization of it all.
Here are the details on my 100 Followers Give-A-Way.  For entering you are getting a chance to win:
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