Monday, January 21, 2013

Heart Buddy Freebie and 100 Followers Give-A-Way

Hello Friends,

Unlike many of you lucky people, I have school today.  We were hoping for a "cold" day since our temps are below zero, but we Wisconsinites can be pretty senseless hardy, so I bundled up in my cutest parka and headed on out to school.

I am leaving you with a little freebie, though, as we look toward February and Valentine's Day.  This is partner building sheet, much like clock buddies.  But in this activity, students have a buddy for each letter of the word heart.  Through this buddy sheet, students are not only establishing partners, but also learning how to spell the word heart.  Use it to establish partners for reading or math work.  The students will get an h buddy, and e buddy, an a buddy, an r buddy, and a t buddy.  They sign each other's sheets to set up the assigned buddies.  I usually keep the same buddies for about a month.

You can nab it for free at my TPT site.  This sheet will be free for this week, but then will be a part of pack of buddy sheets that will be available on TPT next week.

Also, take a peek at my 100 Followers Give-A-Way for some great prizes!

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