Friday, January 18, 2013

Five for Friday Numero Tres

Happy Friday!

Here are my entries for this week's version of Five for Friday, hosted by Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
1.  We finished a non-fiction writing project that we started in November.  The students selected a topic, did research, and then wrote, edited, and revised an article about their topic.  Next, they made their final copies on the computer, complete with inserted images.  It was quite an accomplishment and they were so excited to take them home today!

2.  We started to read one of my favorite books this week (after making a side trip to read Balto).  This is such a great book - if you prepare yourself for the ending (sob, sob).
3. On Tuesday, a friend and I went to a staff development presentation on Science and Drama put on by our local Performing Arts Center.  Our PAC received a grant for this through the Kennedy Center.  We acted out different kinds of landforms, as well as simple machines.  We enjoyed it, and we were reminded how much the kids really enjoy processing content through the arts.

4.  The students had a half day today so we could have the afternoon for report card writing.  It was so nice to have the time to go out for a quick lunch at
5.  I am preparing for a give-a-way with two very kind and creative blog friends to start tomorrow!!  Hope you'll stop back to enter my 100 Followers Give-A-Way!
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