Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Math Glossary Activity

Happy Monday -

Each week I put together small group station activities that my third graders do during our afternoon RTI time, which we call WIN (what I need).  During this half hour period I meet with small groups or individuals to work on literacy skills.  This week I am doing the next round of running records with my 27 students while the students work at these activities.

Here is what my chart looks like.  The students go to one station each day.

The five stations are: listening to a story about Balto and doing a follow-up story chart, playing a prefix card game that I got from Really Good Stuff for less than a dollar (I have daily parent helpers that help with literacy games), the math glossary words activity explained below, practicing skills on the Interwrite Board, and using the computers and iPad in my room to review skills.

I created a sheet to review math vocabulary using the glossary in the back of our Math Expressions workbook.  We are finishing Volume 1 of these books, and will send it home soon.  I wanted my students to review the terms we've covered, so I came up with this well-received activity.

The students write their names down the side of the sheet, then find a word in the glossary that matches each letter in their name.  Next, they write the definition of the word from the glossary.  The front side sheet is for the child's first name, and the back is for the child's last name.  Here is an example from today:
You can download this activity for FREE at my TPT store here.

I am planning a give-a-way next week as I make my way to 100 followers.  Please leave a comment if you would like to include one of your products in this give-a-way.  I would so appreciate any help you could provide.

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